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Have you ever gotten frustrated looking for a product you really wanted?  Lee Love did. That`s why he started, one of the only businesses around that designs and sells products specifically for shooting, reloading and professional marksmanship.

 "After owning a Dillon XL 650 reloading press for many years, I wanted a micrometer powder bar...but none was available anywhere at any price," says Mr. Love.  "So I designed my own! It took me three years and a lot of searching for a shop to manufacture the parts. But now it is completed and it is one of UniqueTek`s most popular products."

 Reloading also raised a concern about lead contamination. "But what to do? After much searching I found a lead removal hand soap," says Lee.  "It is highly effective at removing lead and other heavy metals you encounter when reloading and shooting."

Lee`s next inspiration? The desire for crystal-clear vision while shooting.
"Cleaning powder residue from my pistol scopes, rifle scopes and especially my shooting glasses is critical in order to maintain a crystal-clear view of the target. But many eyeglass cleaners contain silicones or `special` additives that may, with repeated use, damage lens coatings or leave behind a smeary film. And a dry cleaning cloth isn`t always effective at removing the grunge. So I found a manufacturer of advanced formula lens cleaning solutions used in the precision optics industry."

"I`ve assembled these products, and more, on one web site and will continue to add unique products in the future," says Lee. 
Today, has more than 18 product categories--including Glock Accessories, AR-15 Tools & Accessories, Mini-14 Accessories, Firearm Cleaners, Lubes & Tools, Optics Cleaners & Anti-Fog; and Cowboy Action Shooting Products.

If you have a special need related to shooting or reloading  Lee and his partners want to know about it. "
Let us know and we`ll try to find it ... or make it for you," he promises.  To see UniqueTek`s entire product catalog, CLICK HERE
.  You`ll find some of the country`s best shooting products--all of which are an excellent value and 100% guaranteed!

While much of UniqueTek`s business is conducted over the Internet, in April 2009 the company moved into a larger office with retail space at 574 E. Alamo Drive, Suite 60, Chandler, AZ, 85225.  Walk-in sales are always welcome. UniqueTek`s store hours are 9AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday.